From the World to your table

Pequ Gourmet invests in the resources, operations, and people needed to deliver fresh food to your table

Who We Are

Pequ Gourmet International is a commercial and institutional trading and logistics company seeking to maximize shareholder value while improving margins in the food industry and beyond.

What began as a delicatessen with a focus on importing and exporting exotic foods has grown into a globally and strategically positioned team to identify procurement, trading, and supply opportunities.

Our Focus

Pequ Gourmet’s experience in the food industry has opened opportunities into countless other areas where we have increased our focus. From energy, logistics, trading, industrial manufacturing and finance, our team is strategically placed and ready to not only identify, but capitalize on these growing opportunities.¬†


We actively trade and hedge our positions in the futures market to manage risk, price, and product availability


We trade in a vast range of high-quality agricultural and industrial commodities including coffee, corn, wheat, fuel, and metals



We invest in shipping logistics to ensure that products are delivered safely, efficiently, and on-time to markets around the world


We are dedicated to sustainability and efficiency by investing in renewable energies and hydrocarbon industries


Pequ Gourmet has the financial resources needed to invest capital as opportunities are identified 


With strategic investments, we improve process efficiency, maximizing yield and improving margins



Pequ Gourmet International
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